Hospitality & Tourism Management

The ECHRA Hospitality Program will provide every student with a foundation of knowledge and the practical application skills to successfully forge a career in Hospitality Management. The college is committed development of future Hospitality Management industry leaders who will have positive social, ethical, and economic impact on their profession and community

Travel & Tourism Management Course

  1. World Destinations
  2. Tour Operators and Travel Agencies
  3. Communication Skills for Tourism and Recreation Industry
  4. Computerized Systems for Travel Industry
  5. First Aid & Maintain Safety
  6. Travel & Tourism Entrepreneurship
  7. English for Tourism and Recreation Industry
  8. Hotel and Resort Management
  9. Human Resources Management for Tourism and Recreation
  10. Conventions and Events Management
  11. Ticketing & Front Office Operation
  12. Hotel Operations Management
  13. Accounting & Marketing for Tourism and Recreation Industry
  14. Work Placement / Internship (4 weeks)

Renewable Energy Management

It is now a known fact that production of energy from conventional fossil fuels sources has already peaked, and that, at current usage rates, they will exhaust soon. Hence, it is anticipated that the use of renewable resources and technologies will play a major role in future of the energy industries. Countries across the globe are facing energy security and energy price shock challenges.

Currently, the college provides 6 months certificate courses in which students are given an option to choose any two of courses, according to their preference and interest. Renewable Energy skills training course outline is as follow:

  1. Renewable Energy Infrastructure & Efficiencies
  2. Renewable Energy Resources & Policies
  3. Energy and Environment
  4. Energy resources sustainability
  5. Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities
  6. Solar Photovoltaic (small scale)
  7. Solar water pumping (AC. and DC. systems)
  8. Solar Thermal (flat plate and evacuated tubes)

Aviation Skills Training

  1. Aviation Skills Training Course Outline (6 months) is as follow:
    1-Airline Operation 2-Airline Security
    3-Ground Handling 4-Cargo Operations
    5-Logistics and Supply Chain 6-Aviation Quality Service
    7-Aviation Security Management