Faculty of Construction Skills

The Construction Skills session provides market intelligence and insight for the Somaliland construction industry. The data it produces highlights trends and how the industry will change year-on-year, allowing businesses to understand the current climate and plan ahead for the future.

The following Construction Skills courses which include Masonry, Tiling, Electrical Building, Painting and Plumbing which are all 6 month courses to be offered in the second phase of the college. These courses will be taught by experienced and professional instructors from overseas.

Certificate Programs

  1. Building Electrical Installation (6 Months)
  2. Painting and Decorating (6 Months)
  3. Plastering (6 Months))
  4. Plumbing (6 Months)
  5. Masonry (6 Months)

Benefits of the Construction Skills

Identify sectors that are likely to be the strongest drivers of work output growth in each nation and region
Pinpoint the associated, specific skills that will be needed year by year
The residents of Hargeisa will see an increase in the Hospitality & Construction trade through EC’s skill provision, creating the opportunity for entrepreneurial endeavors within the community, as well as help diversify their world view and assist with breaking down inappropriate gender based stereotypes through interaction with foreign nationals and more Gulf based companies and organizations using our Exchange Internship Program.
Hargeisa Construction Industry will provide the cement and sand necessary for the construction workshop; the timber industry will provide the lumber needed for the; the aluminum industry will provide the necessary metal and so forth.
Plan ahead and address the skills needs of a traditionally mobile workforce.
Prepare for an increase in demand for certain skills at certain times.
The students with addition with these courses will also have a chance to upgrade and enhance their linguistic skills by taking Arabic or English courses.

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